Our production


Within 48 hours from being picked the olives are washed, all leaves are removed in our plants to assure the highest levels of hygiene complying with health regulations.


The following phases of pressing extraction and filtering take place following procedures which are able to guarantee that all the biological aromatic properties of the fresh olives are maintained. The immediate placement of the fresh oil in steel INOX containers to protect from sunlight, in underground cellars, at constant cool temperature, offering unbeatable conditions for the conservation of the oil. L'Ovicola Casolana owns a technologically advanced bottling plant, which allows to prepare a vast selection of sizes of bottles from the smallest 100 ml to the very large 5 litre flask.


From the pulpy and tasty "Intosso" olive variety, available only in the "La Roma" Plain and very few neighboring areas, table olives are selected, and processed using the traditional de-bittering technique. The care in the selection and in the calibration of the olives, the continuous control of salinity, and in the packaging and bottling process are essential moments under both the agronomic and technologic aspects.


The internal lab is responsible for the constant control over all the agronomic and technological phases up to the olive oil bottling. In particular Olivicola Casolana provides a constant and up to date technical assistance to all olive growers, and takes form under biological and DOP products. The cooperative of producers wishes to guarantee consumers with a constant improvement of the quality indexes (acidity, polyphenols and vitamin E).
All this happens in collaboration with highly qualified public institutions, as the University and the Research Center and Technical Assistance of the Abruzzo region.