Our products

The Olivicola Casolana produces pure extra virgin olive oil with care and passion, various kinds of extra virgin olive oil based dressings, ready to be enjoyed in all their fragrant goodness.

The extra virgin olive oils of the Olivicola Casolana are of the highest quality and are obtained from the olives exclusively via a mechanical processes. The attention and the care of Olivicola Casolana in the production of their oils has been vastly recognized in Italy and abroad.

The selection of pure oils includes: Extra virgin olive oil, Extra virgin olive oil from biologic agriculture and extra virgin olive oil D.O.P. "Colline Teatine".

Cluviae is a range of dressings, which adds the intense flavors of lemon, oranges, truffle, garlic, chilly peppers and basil to the extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, to magnify as much as possible the taste of a simple bruschetta or of the more complex dishes.

Elegant ceramic olive oil cruets are available in various colors, and make a gift of the highest quality, very much appreciated by connoisseurs.

Olivicola Casolana also offers a vast selection of olives, green or black, in brine, stuffed, pitted and in paste, all produced with the same care and attention used for the production of their oils.