The Olivicola Casolana and 'a society' composed of about 200 members and their olive growers are geographically located both in the area adjacent to the Maiella National Park is on the inside, that is to say in a situation uncontaminated privileged environment that has almost no feedback elsewhere. The altitude, the particular characteristics of the soil, the warm sun of Abruzzo, create that special microclimate that gives the fruit ripening ideal for oil and table olives of the highest quality 'nutritional and sensory.

The Olivicola Casolana


The Olivicola Casolana is a company consisting of 200 partners, with olive groves located in the surroundgins of the Maiella National Park, a spectacular location in a unique uncontaminated natural environment. The altitude, specific characteristics of the soil and the warm sun of Abruzzo, create that special and unique microclimate which allows the olives to reach the ideal ripeness with the highest nutritional and sensory qualities for olive oil and table consumption.

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